In addition to embedding into a international tech ecosystem, we can offer the opportunity to join our partner's network:

For all participants of Startup ecosystem, Encata provides:

Reduced burn rate during the development, iteration, lunch & product/service support phase.
Multifaceted technical specialization of 200 engineers and industrial designers with practical expertise in technologies of 21st century.
Investments of our own funds, connection with strategic partners and/or investors.

For Small & Medium Enterprises, Encata delivers:

Development, design & implementation of services/products that will position company as industry leader with sustainable competitive advantage through development breakthrough industry solution(s) based on industry knowledge & expertise of our client.
Reduction operational costs and increase profitability using the latest advances in Big Data gathering and analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Predictive Maintenance, IoT, Machine Intelligence, Industrial Internet, Analytical Tools, Recommendation Software, Web Technologies, Mobil Technologies, Wireless Networks, Distributed Ledger, Cybersecurity
Ongoing product/service support, development & refinement.

For Outsourcing companies, Encata serves as an extension of the core business:

We provide high quality software & hardware engineers, industrial designers, prototype testing & manufacturing.
We provide full spectrum of integration for flawless & seamless operations between different: web & mobile applications; hardware & software; company product/service & consumer; wireless network & industrial equipment.
We provide new services to be offered to our client's customers to secure additional revenues.