Communications for Tech Companies and Startups

We help deep tech companies enter startups and corporations ecosystems and develop within international tech community. We create unique strategies and campaigns to achieve individual goals of our clients. We do not consult, we want to be a part of your team to develop your product.


Our Marketing Agency is backed by Encata's 200 engineers and IT developers researching and building new products. We know the tech, we know the markets and we know people. So we can find the right way to talk about your product and the relevant audience to talk with.
Together with you we determine the purpose and develop individual communication strategy. Our aim is not only to publish press releases but to understand deeply your needs and evolve the best solution
Often projects need more than one market. We help with localization strategy, business development, legal support, work with local contractors and suppliers in different regions.
Technologies develop very fast. We have expert engineers, who follow all trends so we can help the projects to adapt and apply new tech to the current market and find a proper place in tech ecosystem.
Nobody can pitch your project for you. But we can help you to create and pack all documents and presentations for investor's pitching, grants and accelerators applications.
Networking is a must. We have connection with all big events hosted in EU and CIS to make a perfect plan for your roadshow and find best opportunities to integrate your project to the events program.
For all projects who are interested to develop their community we host events.
Depending on needs we can plan the events of different scales, covering agenda, production, partnerships, sponsors and invitations.
We produce all types of content: copywrighting, articles, video, infographics. We create your tone of voice by using different instruments and approaches which will be relevant for your audience.
Stable connection with plural media in EU and Asia afford us to deliver our content to the world any time and in any location.
Communication through the social media might be one the most struggling points. We create an individual tone of voice to engage your audience and build your community.


Due to 15 years of successful work of our team members in the international market, we have chosen the most reliable and competent partners in each region. We are confident in them just as in ourselves and will be happy to share our common experience, network and opportunities with you.
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Investors meetup hosted September 9-10th in Hong Kong, Unblock Community Conference
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Maria is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in launching, scaling and selling various businesses.
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